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'Stipaf Elettromeccanica, nowadays Muraro S.p.A. - Stipaf Electrical Motors Division, has been working since thirty years in the field of the electric d.c. motors.

It's been placed at Zermeghedo in the zone of Arzignano and always relied upon the competence of a highly skilled personnel very well experienced as for the electromechanical sector according to the tradition of the industrial district it is being working in.


The quality of the product and the craft care the motors are being manufactured with as well as the many installations carried out all over the world, prove as our business card face to the future challenge the world market will make us to afford'.

  • Components


    The components we purchase are supplied ONLY by primary Italian and European companies and the workings carried out on the motors are carried out in our plant or in the plants of specialized suppliers from our zone. It can be safely stated that our product is 100% MADE IN ITALY.

  • Instruments


    Our technical dept. uses modern informatics instruments for the calculation of the motors, among them an electrical calculation system for the design of the windings and a 3D drawing program for the mechanical design of the motor.

  • Motors


    Our motors are fit for working in every application where a precise adjustment of the speed is necessary. For instance for sheet processing machines, machines for paper processing, mills, ski-lifts and other applications.

  • Experience


    Our experience can suggest to the constructor the most suitable motor for the particular applications. The flexibility of our production permits to realize for our customers any solution of replacement of an old motor with a new one perfectly interchangeable.